Are you an esports or video gaming founder? Welcome. We believe in the work you’re doing and commend you for pushing this industry forward. We’d love to get to know you better. Here is how we engage with founders:


Venture Investment

We’re looking to invest in startups with certain characteristics. We focus on Seed and Series A investments. We’re particularly interested in the following themes:

  • Platforms that bolster the amateur esports scene

  • Player development and training

  • Game development tools

  • Blockchain innovation within esports and video gaming

  • Esports betting & gambling

  • Cloud gaming and subscription services

  • Game publisher business model innovation

  • Advertising and audience monetization

  • Augmented and virtual reality

  • Broadcasting and media rights

  • Audience engagement channels

Our typical check size ranges from $250K to 500K.

If you fit the above, please apply.

Investor Network

Beyond investing in startups, we run a private investment network with some of the best VC firms, institutional investors, and angels in the industry. Over $130M has been raised on our platform and within our network into startups. Our investor network looks to us for legitimate deals in the space and industry expertise. We consider deals of all stages and valuations for our investor network.

If you’re interested in getting exposure to our investor network, please apply.


We’re here to help accelerate the industry - part of that is working with founders on strategy, connections, and feedback. If you’re looking for guidance or would just like to have a conversation with us, please apply. We hope to help in any way we can.