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Konvoy is an early-stage venture fund focused exclusively on esports & video gaming. We are dedicated to partnering with and supporting founders in this industry at the earliest stages.

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We’re here to connect founders with the people that matter,

invest in promising companies, and build great businesses.


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We’re embarking on a journey to bring esports to the masses. Whether you’re a founder with a vision or an investor ready to support - join us.



Are you building a company in the esports or video gaming space? Join us.


“Konvoy has helped Monetizr get better connected in the esports space and get the word out about what we’re doing to the people who matter.”

Martins Bratuskins, Co-Founder Monetizr




Interested in co-investing in the esports & video gaming space with us? Join or network and get exposure to the amazing deals that come our way.


“The Konvoy platform is a unique resource for anyone interested in investing in the esports space, with insightful analysis, curated deal flow, and the ability to connect directly with founders.”

Peter Macy, CEO Integrity Gaming


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